Mission to Mars Experience Pack

The Mission to Mars Experience is a world first concept for anyone with an interest in Space Exploration, Problem solving, Technology and adventure! All that you need is a Laptop/Tablet/Mac/PC with an internet connection to access a Zoom call.

The session will last for 60 minutes and costs £40.00 for 2-4 devices logging on.


You will start off the session by getting a short talk about Space Exploration and the current panning to put human beings onto the surface or Mars before getting your Mission Briefing for the challenge ahead. Once this is done you will then be dropped into our rover training hangar where you will learn how to control the rovers Tank tracks, Multiple Cameras and Grabbing claw.


You are then ready to begin the mission and will be dropped onto a realistic model of a Martian landscape and given tasks to complete on the alien surface that will require teamwork, problem solving, forward planning and resolve.


The Mission to Mars experience is suitable for ages 9+ anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

To book please contact Stuart@cerebralape.co.uk

Mars awaits!